Level One / Basic This course requires two full days’ and in some cases a third morning 18-20hrs. (16hrs Training +/- 2hrs assessment time) This course is best suited for those that require a very basic understanding of First Aid and want to know what to do in an emergency situation. Cost:  R685.00 each    1-5 Students              R670.00 each     6-10 Students     R650.00 each     11-16 Students
Our Training Courses
Level Two / Intermediate This course is the most popular for whose folk that are required to deal with the general everyday type of kit aid “emergencies” that we come across. This course require 2.5-3 day (20-24 hrs) Including the Theory, practicals and the assessment.         Cost: R785.00 1-5 Students             R765.00     6-10 Students   R750.00 11-16 Students
Level Three / Advanced Requires about 36-40hrs This course is referred to as Advanced First Aid, and the course content covered looks at basically all that a First Aider could be faced with. Best suited for those in the Wilderness or Remote areas This is for those that are serious about doing first Aid or who find themselves along way from civilization and need to take care of themselves and there families. Cost: R1200.00 per student
All training offered by Rencor First Aid is done through the medium of Audio Visual training from level one to three; this includes DVD presentation, Power Point, flip charts and lots of “hands on“ practical demonstrations too. Classes of between 5-16 are preferable. Larger and Smaller group can be arranged too. Some of the course contents for the various First Aid courses are as follows, but not limited / restricted to the following:
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