Emergency First Aid Kits All our RENCOR FIRST AID KITS and EMEGRENCY KITS are made to the highest standards and custom made to suit your needs whilst always conforming to the standards and regulating authorities
Our Product Range
Camo Range Designed for the outdoors , game ranger and private safari lodges, department of defense and any tactical applications that the user may require this is the range for you !
Office and Factory Range Designed and housed in rugged metal boxes and available in two varieties these sturdy full metal construction RENCOR FIRST AID boxes will meet your factory and office space requirements, tough and durable for the work environment
Professional Medical Equipment Designed and endorsed by medical professional for use by medical professionals like you we have developed a range of professional resuscitation kits and oxygenation kits, a must have in the event of a medical emergency when professionally qualified medical staff are on hand
Extrication and Rescue Equipment From full trauma boards with patented unique immobilization clearly colored and demarcated for eas of use to full hoistabel emergency rescue stretchers designed for confined space rescue and mountain rescue application we have an exclusive and durable range for your requirements
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